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There are three types of Deako Smart Dimmers; Single-pole, Master, and Remote. It's important to understand which Smart Dimmer you need before purchasing. 

Smart Dimmer Types


Single-Pole Smart Dimmer Designed to be used in situations where one switch controls one light. Interested in having multiple switches control the same light? Check out the Remote Smart Dimmer and Master Smart Dimmer.
Master Smart Dimmer Designed to be used alongside one or more Remote Smart Dimmers in situations where two or more switches control the same light.
Remote Smart Dimmer Designed to be used alongside a Master Smart Dimmer in situations where two or more switches control the same light.

 Still, need help deciding which smart dimmer to purchase? Check out this comparison table

All Deako Smart Dimmers are a great addition to any home. Control the ambiance of your dining room or TV room, use in bathrooms to avoid blinding yourself with bright vanities, or in bedrooms to help ease into sleep. Pair your Smart Dimmer with the free Deako mobile app to create schedules, timers, and more.

Upgrading? With Deako backplates you can change out any Deako switch for another without turning off the power or calling an electrician.


  • For lights controlled from 2 or more locations. 1 Master Smart Dimmer per multi-way, Remote Smart Dimmers required
  • Rocker-style dimming with 7 LED indicators of dim level
  • Adjustable trim through the Deako App for Android and iOS
  • Programmable with Deako App for Android and iOS

What's included?

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Master Smart Dimmer

Surface & Color:

White Plastic

Screen Sensor:


Scene Buttons:


Input Voltage:

120 VAC

Input Frequency:

60 Hz

Supported Currents & Load Types:

550W Incandescent/Halogen


Maximum Dimmable Load:


Compatible Wiring:

Neutral required


Bluetooth ™ Mesh


1.77" X 1.70" X 3.80"


3.7 oz


3-way and 4-way

Integrations (Deako Connect req.):

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Operating Temperature:

0 - 40 deg. C


Indoor, Dry location only



Is there a comparison chart to know if I'm purchasing the right switch?

You can view our switch comparison table on our support page here.

Where can I view the setup instructions for this product?

You can download a PDF of the instructional booklet here.

Is there a distance limit between switches?

Deako uses Bluetooth Mesh, a leading technology that enables us to get maximum wireless coverage within the home. Deako gets about 300 ft range between each unobstructed switch, and each switch repeats the wireless signal so it becomes stronger as more switches are added. Construction materials such as metal can interfere with wireless signals, however in most residential applications this is not a problem for Deako's implementation.

Can I control all of the lights in my house with one Deako switch?

With Deako, you can control each set of lights that are wired to a Deako Smart product.

To control all the lights in your house, install a Smart Switch or Smart Dimmer in each of your switch locations. Then, create a scene to control all of the lights from one switch. Learn more about scenes here.

For more FAQs, visit our Support Center.