Simple Astronomical Timer Switch

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The Simple Astronomical Timer Switch turns lights on or off at scheduled times—or sunset and sunrise. This automation doesn’t need Wi-Fi or a mobile app.

The “astronomical” in the name refers to the device’s internal clock, which helps it adjust to the sunrise and sunset schedule where you live. It even accounts for Daylight Savings Time.

With this astronomic feature, you won’t need to adjust the programs as the seasons change. Use this switch for your outdoor lights, so they always come on before it gets dark. You’ll improve your home security and always have a bright home to return to. Plus, your lights will turn off at dawn, which cuts down on wasted energy.

The Simple Astronomical Timer Switch is also helpful indoors. Use its randomized schedule feature to turn lights on and off when you’re on vacation. This lived-in look can help to deter burglars.

Once you’ve set your programs on the Simple Astronomical Timer Switch, close the cover to hide the buttons. If you ever need to override the switch, press the cover to turn the lights off or on.

Upgrading? With Deako backplates you can change out any Deako switch for another without turning off the power or calling an electrician. 

Note: The Simple Astronomical Timer Switch can only be used for lights that are controlled by one switch (single-pole). 

Ways to use

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Security lights


  • 7-day schedule with a total of 7 on and 7 off programming settings
  • Automatic adjustment for dusk-to-dawn lighting
  • Manual override and countdown timer feature
  • Random on/off operation for security
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Battery backup that saves programs during a power outage
  • Only for lights that are controlled by one switch (single-pole)
  • California Title 24 compliant

What's included?

Download the Simple Astronomical Timer Switch cut sheet

Simple Astronomical Timer Switch

Surface & Color:


Input Voltage:

120 VAC

Input Frequency:

60 Hz

Supported Currents & Load Types:

Resistive 15A, 1200W



1/2 HP

Maximum Dimmable Load:


Compatible Wiring:

Neutral required




2.8'' x 1.7'' x 1.7''


2.8 oz


Single pole



Operating Temperature:



Indoor, Dry location only

Regulatory Approvals:

cULus Listed E313763



Is the Simple Astronomical Timer Switch compatible with lights controlled by more than one switch (multiway switches)?

No, the Simple Astronomical Timer Switch works only in locations where a singular switch controls lights (a single-pole switch). Don’t install this switch in locations where more than one switch controls the same lights.

How do I set up an Astronomical Timer Switch?

For help with the setup process, check out our installation and programming video or step-by-step written instructions..

What is the difference between an astronomical timer switch and a photocell timer?

Photocell timers sense the light outside to turn likes on at the right time, but astronomical timers don’t need to sense the light outside to determine what time the sun sets. Once programmed, the astronomical timer’s internal clock keeps track of sunset and sunrise no matter what time of year.

Can you add an offset to the sunrise and sunset times?

Yes, the Simple Astronomical Timer Switch allows you to add or subtract time from automatic sunrise and sunset calculation.

For more FAQs, visit our Support Center.

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