Smart Switch Bundle

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The Smart Switch Bundle consists of 5 Smart Switches at unbeatable value. 

Get smart home convenience with hands-free lighting and level up your home!

With a clean and simple design, the Deako Smart Switch looks great in any home. This switch is a popular option for those wanting to personalize their home lighting. Place in your entry and program the switch to turn on any other Deako smart device in your home so you don't have to feel your way through the dark. Or put the switch on your Smart Switch exterior lights and easily set schedules to have them turn off and on automatically - the possibilities are endless!

Upgrading? You can change out a different Deako switch and upgrade to the Smart Switch without needing to call an electrician or turn off the power. 


  • Programmable with Deako App for Android and iOS
  • For lights controlled by 1 or more locations (Single-pole, 3-way, and 4-way compatible)
  • Customizable long press action
  • WiFi-enabled

What's included?

Can I replace my existing switches with Deako?

Yes, Deako switches will fit in your current switch's junction box.

All switches are made for use in the US and Canada, conforming to a standardized height and width. Deako switches can even fit in tight spots where junction boxes may be only 2" deep.

Where can I view the setup instructions for this product?

You can download a PDF of the instructional booklet here.

Is there a distance limit between switches?

Deako uses Bluetooth Mesh, a leading technology that enables us to get maximum wireless coverage within the home. Deako gets about 40 ft range between each obstructed switch, and each switch repeats the wireless signal so it becomes stronger as more switches are added. Construction materials such as metal can interfere with wireless signals, however in most residential applications this is not a problem for Deako's implementation.

Can I control all of the lights in my house with one Deako switch?

With Deako, you can control each set of lights that are wired to a Deako smart product.

To control all the lights in your house, install a Deako smart device in each of your switch locations. Then, create a scene to control all of the lights from one switch. Learn more about scenes here.

For more FAQs, visit our Support Center.

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