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Luxury Home Bundle

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Luxury Home Bundle | 20 Switches


Who it's for:
Those looking to take the plunge in automating their whole home. With easy DIY installation, you’ll be ready to impress your guests in no time.

Why we made this bundle:
If you're looking to develop a fully automated smart home this bundle makes a big impact and gives off a wow factor you can share with in-laws, neighbors, and colleagues this holiday season. 

Impress your guests (and eliminate stress) by updating your lighting before the holiday wave hits.

What’s included:

  • 7 Smart Dimmers
  • 4 Smart Switches
  • 3 Motion Sensors
  • 3 Simple Dimmers
  • 3 Smart Plugs
  • DIY Installation 

Where to place your switches:

  • Open-concept living/dining/kitchen - turn up or turn down the vibe of the place where everyone inevitably ends up
  • Bedroom – wind down & wake up gradually with adjustable lighting
  • Bathrooms – no aggressively bright lights for middle-of-the-night trips
  • Pantry – most frequently visited rooms deserve motion sensors for back & forth trips