Simple Motion Sensor Switch

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Note: Due to UL specifications this product is shipped in a Deako Backplate. We don’t charge you for it because it isn’t needed to upgrade. Feel free to recycle the backplate, or store in case you decide to make electrical upgrades in the future.


The Simple Motion Sensor Switch brings energy-saving efficiency and simple automation to any room in the house. It can automatically turn lights on when you enter a room–like when your arms are full of laundry–and automatically turn lights off when you leave with 10 or 20-minute timeout options.

Upgrading? With Deako backplates you can change out any Deako switch for another without turning off the power or calling an electrician.

Ways to use

Do you hate discovering you left the closet light on? Get frustrated with your kids (or spouse!) because they never remember to turn off the light? Then this switch is for you. With all the functionality of a motion sensor plus the added ability to use it as a timer, this switch will complement any room in your home. You’ll be able to:

  • Pull your car into a lit garage
  • Enter any room without fumbling with lights, like the pantry when your arms are full of groceries
  • Leave the house with confidence knowing the kids' lights are off
  • Ditch the frustration of coming home to the bathroom fan still on
  • Move through a well-lit home without touching a light switch
  • Reduce energy consumption with simple automation

Product details

    • In Occupancy mode, the light will turn on automatically when you enter the room. The light will then turn off automatically after no motion is detected for a set amount of time (10 or 20 minutes). 
    • In Vacancy mode, the light is turned on manually (by pressing the switch) but turns off automatically after no motion is detected for a set amount of time (10 or 20 minutes).
    • The light can always be turned on or off manually by pressing the main button on the switch.
    • The switch has two automatic timer settings: 10 and 20 minutes
    • Only for lights that are controlled by one switch (single-pole)
    • California Title 24 compliant

    What's included?

    • Simple Motion Sensor Switch
    • Deako Backplate

      Download the Simple Motion Sensor Switch cut sheet

        Simple Motion Sensor Switch

        Surface & Color:

        White Plastic

        Screen Sensor:


        Scene Buttons:


        Input Voltage:

        120 VAC

        Input Frequency:

        60 Hz

        Supported Currents & Load Types:

        600W Incandescent/Halogen

        600W LED/ELV/MLV

        1/6 HP Motor

        Maximum Dimmable Load:


        Compatible Wiring:

        Neutral required




        1.77" X 1.70" X 2.80"


        2.6 oz


        Single pole only

        Integrations (Deako Connect req.):


        Operating Temperature:

        0 - 40 deg. C


        Indoor, Dry location only



        Can I replace any Deako switch with a Simple Motion Sensor Switch?

        Yes, the Simple Motion Sensor Switch will fit into any Deako backplate.

        Can I change the settings on the Simple Motion Sensor Switch?

        Yes, you can! Check out this support article for full instructions.

        Is the Simple Motion Sensor Switch compatible with lights controlled by more than one switch (multiways)?

        No, the Simple Motion Sensor Switch is only compatible with lights controlled by one switch (single pole).

        Why did my Simple Motion Sensor Switch come with a Deako Backplate?

        Your Simple Motion Sensor Switch was shipped with a Deako Backplate because it is required to meet UL standards. All Deako products go through rigorous testing before they join your household, and because Deako created the world’s first plug-n-play switch we run into some situations where something that doesn’t make sense for our homeowners (an extra Backplate when you already have them!) does make sense for our manufacturing partners. It’s not ideal, but we are working with our partners so this won’t always be the case.

        For more FAQs, visit our Support Center.

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