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Smart Ambiance Bundle

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Smart Ambiance Bundle | 9 Switches

Installation: DIY

Who it's for: 
If you know you want to add more mood lighting to the most popular spaces, look no further. Perfect for living rooms and kitchens.

Why we made this bundle:
Open-concept layouts make your home feel spacious and welcoming, but it can be difficult to find the perfect lighting balance in your kitchen, dining room, and living room. Strategically placed smart switches and dimmers will help you go from days when homework and cooking dinner are the main items on the agenda to hosting a dinner party for your new neighbors with the flick of a switch… or swipe of an app.

What’s included:

  • 5 Smart Dimmers
  • 3 Smart Switches
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • DIY Installation 

Where to place your switches:

  • Living room – settle in for a cozy family movie night without leaving the couch
  • Pendant lights - dim the lights for a soft dinnertime mood  
  • Kitchen lights - adjust harsh overhead brightness while making dinner
  • Over the sink – use voice control to tell your lights to turn on when hands are full with groceries